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Viktor Todorov did not stop creating until his last days. Regardless of the dynamics and changes in public life, he remains true to himself and his love for art. He established himself as one of the most successful and respected Bulgarian sculptors. He left behind a huge amount of work – dozens of monuments, statues, reliefs, memorial signs and plaques, busts, sculptures, located both in the public environment and in the collections of galleries in Bulgaria, abroad and in private collections. His hundreds of paintings are entirely in private collections.

Viktor Todorov dedicated his life to art in a period of our history that encompassed three fundamentally different political-economic, philosophical and ideological positions. From his childhood during the Kingdom of Bulgaria, through the post-war years, than the change of power and the transition to the People’s Republic of Bulgaria to a return to the values of democracy and the free market of the Republic of Bulgaria – the new era, from the beginning of the 90s of the twentieth century to the present day.

Of course, the author Viktor Todorov established himself during the totalitarian regime in Bulgaria – with all the resulting details. His fate is not isolated. He, along with all the artists of the mentioned period, is part of the ideological machine of that time. What is important for an artist is to show the common human values and to be honest in the artistic process. Viktor Todorov has definitely succeeded in doing it.

For us, as inheritors of the place and time, there remains the important task of revealing the achievements, of illuminating a considerable segment of our own history. Only this way an agreement in our society on the issue of our cultural heritage could be achieved.

The others about Viktor Todorov

Ivan Totev, sculptor: “If I have to characterize him in a few words, a great sculptor and bon vivant, one of the emblematic personalities in the history of fine arts in Plovdiv.” → Stanev, Stefan. Names from the city of artists 3, Stovi, 2014, p.38

Anastasia Kmetova, artist: “As an artist he was talented and a very good sculptor… He had many orders, his talent allowed him to deal with any subject and he accepted everything – monuments, heads, reliefs…” → Stanev, Stefan. Names from the city of artists 3, Stovi, 2014, p.31

Dimitar Kirchev, artist: “Otherwise, Viktor was a very good and productive sculptor, he was a factor in the artistic life in Plovdiv – a member of the artistic council and number one in monumental sculpture.” → Stanev, Stefan. Names from the city of artists 3, Stovi, 2014, p.34

Viktor Todorov, personal thoughts and sayings:

“Everything born of love is destined to succeed.”

“Household care and everyday life are the greatest enemies of an artist.”

“History can only be judged by the one who builds the future.”