Viktor Todorov, sculptor (1935-2012).

Viktor Todorov


Welcome to the website dedicated to the Bulgarian sculptor and artist Viktor Todorov. This monograph focuses on his work, life and personal story. The text of the monograph is accompanied by selected photographic material, and for all photographs of a given object we provide a link to an open shared space on the Internet. This way you will be able to zoom in and observe from different angles.

Viktor Todorov (1935 – 2012) was born in the village of Tserovo, Pazardzhik Region, Bulgaria, but from his early student’s years he has lived and worked in the city of Plovdiv. Since graduating from the Art Academy in Sofia, from Lyubomir Dalchev’s class, Viktor Todorov has been creating tirelessly throughout his life. His sculptural works, monuments and memorial complexes are found in urban and non-urban environments. In the city of Plovdiv alone, there are over twenty of his monuments, reliefs, busts and memorial plaques. His sculptures are owned by the National Gallery in Sofia, City Art Gallery Plovdiv, CAG Dobrich and Robert Koch Park in Leipzig, Germany. Small sculptures and paintings are in galleries and private collections in Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Morocco, USA, Germany and France.

Due to the death of the artist in 2012, gathering information proved to be a difficult task. We searched for contemporaries of Viktor Todorov, we took interviews. We traveled around the country and documented the works photographically. We contacted and requested information from the Bulgarian Artists Union, the National Gallery, various City Art Galleries, State Archives Plovdiv, Ivan Vazov National Library in Plovdiv, institutions in Bulgaria and abroad. Special thanks to the artist and teacher Yavor Todorov, son of the sculptor Viktor Todorov, without whom this project would not have been possible.

Monuments, reliefs and busts in a public environment carry not only a historical context, but an artistic concept and architectural solutions. Behind their realization, essence and position stand prominent representatives from our past and present – artists, sculptors, architects and project managers. We hope that this monograph will be of interest not only to artists, but also to all those who are excited about the cultural heritage of Bulgaria, the environment, the history and the future.

Feel free to contact us if you have any information about Viktor Todorov and his works not covered in this monograph.

Thank you.