By In Yavor Todorov


Writing about my father, the sculptor Viktor Todorov, was not an easy task. There are many emotions and memories. I had to overcome the personal aspects in favor of the facts. I tried to recreate my memories as objectively as possible, supplemented by the entire volume of external information that was collected about his life and work. I have to confess some of the details that popped out of documents, interviews and photos surprised even me.

At times I felt insecure about continuing the task. Тhe responsibility towards the generations gave me strength – not only as a son of my father and a father of my two children, but now also as a happy grandfather of a grandson; both as an artist and as an art teacher. I also found meaning in the documentary value of it all. I tried to show that behind so much art created in our recent past stands one of us – a person who dedicated his life to creativity.

I would like to express my gratitude for the given opportunity to work on this monograph. I feel proud that my father’s work and life came out in the open and it’s all publicly accessible. I hope it will be useful to anyone with interest in art and monumental sculpture in particular.

Yavor Todorov,

March 30, 2023, Plovdiv