Monument to Apriltsi

Hisarya, Verigovo district, "Ivan Vazov" boulevard

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Monument to Apriltsi

Hisarya, Verigovo district, “Ivan Vazov” boulevard

At the end of the 60s, Viktor Todorov was assigned the creation of a monument – a memorial to those who died during the April Uprising from the village of Verigovo, today a district in the city of Hisarya.

After the project was approved, the monument was created and opened in 1970. It forms a vast space and the platform with several rows of steps provides the necessary “climb for worship”. In the left part is the stone figure, made of Vratsa limestone and about 5 meters high with the pedestal. A long wall of memorial plaques with the names of the dead, lined with stone and a frieze, makes the complex horizontally balanced.

The figure represents a rebel with a sword in both hands, holding it in front of his chest – a sealed moment of oath of allegiance to freedom. The expression suggests forcefulness and steadfastness. The hands grip the blade of the saber with great force. The posture of the figure radiates power and readiness for self-sacrifice. The monumentality is enhanced by the length of the frieze with memorial plaques made of black stone and by the vast open space around the monument. The contrast of white and black completes the message.

Every year, the monument is a place to pay tribute to fallen heroes, and other important events for the city take place on the shaped square in front of it.

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