Monument to those who died in the wars

Markovo village, center, "Zahari Stoyanov" street

By In 70s, Monument

Monument to those who died in the wars
Markovo village, center, “Zahari Stoyanov” street

In the 1970s, the authorities in the village of Markovo commissioned Viktor Todorov to design and implement a memorial monument to those who died in the wars. The memorial consists of two stone blocks with a height of over 2 meters. On the first, a plaque with the names of those who died from the village in the wars was installed. On the second stone block is mounted a profile silhouette of a woman in mourning, with a headscarf and bowed head, made on a copper sheet with approximate dimensions of 2 m x 0.8 m. The technique of creating artistic images on copper sheets was very widespread in decorative art and applied arts at that time, especially in interior solutions of public buildings. Viktor Todorov applied this technique externally and it remained on this monument for nearly two decades.

At the beginning of the 1990s, it was necessary to re-realize the sculpture – the two-meter copper sheet with the relief image of the female figure in mourning was stolen. The monument has been restored and in its current form is two stone parallelepipeds located in two planes. In the foreground is a sculpture of a grieving woman and next to her a cross. A commemorative plaque with names is installed below them. On the right is a second plan with only names. The monument is formed on a site of several levels in the central park space of the village of Markovo.

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