Antonivanovtsi monument

city of Krichim, center, "Rodopi" street

By In 60s, Monument

Antonivanovtsi monument
city of Krichim, center, “Rodopi” street

The Antonivanovtsi monument was commissioned to Viktor Todorov and executed in the 1960s. Architect-designer is Georgi Karayanev.

It was built in the town of Krichim, on the west side of the river, on a large free space next to “Rodopi” street. The monument is an expanded area on several levels. A three-sided pylon with a geometric shape and a height of over 10 meters symbolizes the trinity in the national liberation fights. In the foreground is a sculptural composition made of Vratsa limestone – a figure of a mother with a small child. Worship of the fallen, deep respect and humility before their self-sacrifice is suggested. The eyes seem to flutter in anticipation of seeing the heroes returning from infinity.

The scale of the situational solution, the height of the pylons and the intimacy of the sculptural composition are enhanced by an urn for eternal fire. And here, the magical properties of the Vratsa limestone create in the figural composition a unique extravaganza of light shadows, not subject to time.

Coincidence in name. Many confuse the monument in the town of Krichim with the “Antonivanovtsi” memorial complex built in the 1970s – on the bank of the Vacha dam, next to the lob site of the partisan detachment. The confusion comes from the fact that at the time of the creation of the monument in Krichim there was no other such monument, only in the village of Ravnogor there is a roadside memorial plaque. The coincidence of the name in media sources does not change the fact that these are two different monuments.

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